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Dr. Sherif Awad is a UK based Bariatric (weight loss) Surgeon. He qualified from the University of St. Andrews (BSc MedSci) and Manchester (MBChB Hons) and undertook his surgical training in Manchester, the East-Midlands and London. He is a fellowship trained surgeon having completed two fellowships in advanced Laparoscopic (keyhole) and Bariatric (weight loss) Surgery. He leads the East-Midlands Bariatric & Metabolic Institute (EMBMI), a regional Centre that provides bariatric services to patients from the East-Midlands and runs an in-house bariatric fellowship training program to train other surgeons.

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Using a Digital Platform to Drive Patients

Dr. Sherif Awad approached BC to run his SEO campaign, our team of website gurus and specialists went through his website, analyzed it in comparison to local and global market and decided to pitch the idea of building an enhanced version of the website to the client. As we defined the site structure, functionalities and design, we put the patient at the heart of our efforts and interests. We focused on delivering a website that would enhance the user experience, by allowing them to view all the information needed and to book an appointment at a press of a button. Throughout the website, the user experience, understandable procedures, doctor and team presentation together allow the user to grab the complete picture. The website flow is effortless and intuitive, it guarantees conversion. The platform allows the user to know more about Dr.Sherif Awad's expertise and his team of doctors, the procedures a patient can undergo, the simple steps of the procedure, watch informative videos and to book an appointment straight away.

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