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Since its foundation in 1982, Aramex has grown to become a global leader in the logistics and transportation industry, recognized for its customized and innovative services for businesses and consumers. Listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and headquartered in the UAE, their location links the path between East and West, enabling them to reach more customers with the establishment of effective logistics solutions worldwide.

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Turning Ideas to Catchy Websites

Aramex UAE tasked Beyond Creation with developing their website for their latest Annual Report. Our team immediately started going through their old Annual Reports and analyzing their visual appearance and user experience. Our team was able to build an enhanced and authentic version of the old report. The main challenge that faced the team, was adding the countless statistics and information in a user-friendly and appealing way.

We made sure to come up with a structured website that helps the user to flow from one point to another in a smooth way. The most important aspect was to build a structured report with all the information that the user would want to see. We focused on adopting Aramex's bright and vibrant colours in the best possible way, combining the lively and exciting colours with animation brought the whole report to life.

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