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About Dr. Osama Taha.

Dr. Osama Taha is one of the leading Bariatric surgeons in Egypt, who has a strong grasp of who he is and what he stands for. During our industry research, we discovered that most brands in the medical field lacked a strong brand identity, thus, with the combination of the doctor's expertise and us building a sophisticated brand, there was room for the brand to take the doctor from a leading surgeon to a market leader. Our main challenge was to develop a brand, website and campaign that expresses the identity of the brand to the target audience.

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Creating a Brand Identity That Stands Out.

As Jeff Bezos once said, "Branding is what people say about you when you're not in the room." Building an impressionable brand relies on the brand values, how the brand is communicated and how it feels when the consumer interacts with it. Having these three points in mind, we conducted a brand audit, by analyzing the competitor's websites, brand identities and his competitor's market share. The second cornerstone was to identify the unique value proposition to the patient, while working closely with Dr. Osama Taha's team and stakeholders, we looked for a unique voice that will capture the essence of the brand and we came up with a message statement that identifies with the brand's years of experience. The last cornerstone was to create the brand's look and feel – the brand's personality was expressed through the graphical elements, colour and font chosen. Through many brainstorming sessions, collaborative mood boards, and initial design, we developed a shape for the logo that reflects the transition from the obesity state towards a healthier life. The font was also selected to stress on the concept of change and transition from one state to another and all colours used for the brand identity are common practice for medical centers and health care institutions.

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Building A Dynamic and Informative Platform .

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As we do with any website, we started off with identifying the purpose and scope of the website and based on these points, we moved on to developing a well-defined sitemap that showcases how the content and features will be defined in the website. The last step before the design and development process, was to create the wireframes that demonstrate the design and user-experience. The creation of the website designs and website communication process relied on developing a user-friendly website that is responsive, browser consistent, has a fast loading time and a valid mark-up & clean code. We worked closely with Dr. Osama Taha and his team to bring an informative, content-rich and professional website to the target audience. .

Re-writing the rules of Medical Campaigns.

Before working on the two campaigns, we assessed the marketing communication opportunities, examined the needs of the target audience and the channels that will be most beneficial and decided to use Facebook and Instagram as the communication channels. The short-term goal for the campaigns was to create brand awareness and the long-term goal was to increase the number of patients and sales. We knew that our audience expected on point content that captures their attention, and only through a strong campaign is such engagement possible. After many meetings of brainstorming and planning, the campaign topics were decided. We approached the campaign planning strategically and based on the USPs.