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The Back Story

Shefaa Brand Strategy, Website Development Snippets

Shefaa Clinic is a brand-new clinic located in Cairo's Maadi area. Shefaa specializes in minimally invasive techniques and surgeries in many specialty areas. We teamed up with Medtronic and Shefaa's team to deliver top notch branding that mirrored the values of their brand and a website that blends the sophisticated content with a seamless user-friendly experience focused on patient care.

A shared obsession for Success.

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In the digital age, the key to success is building an entity that stands out in a sea of brands. We came up with a lot of names for the clinic and finally decided on the elegant vocal name "SHEFAA ", which means healing in Arabic, making sure that we develop a local brand by bringing a name to the market that can be said and understood by the whole population.

Evolving the design to better reflect their brand

Shefaa's logo colors, lines and curves are influenced by the struggle a patient goes through and how each patient should receive the best health care experience possible. We opted for soft, but dazing color combinations and eventually established a brand design that rooted from simplicity and professionalism.

Shefaa Marketing Strategy, Website Design Colors Reflect Brand

Content and Features that provide patient trust and growth.

We strived to make the complex, simple and that means inventing site architecture that would be recognizable and easy for the audience to navigate through.

We analyzed the local and international healthcare entities' websites and decided on driving patients to the clinic through providing a platform that helps the patients understand their conditions and to simplify the patient-clinic journey, by allowing them to book an appointment online, search their diseases and what procedures can cure them or vice versa.

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