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Creative Closets formation can be traced back to the year 1997. Based in Saudi Arabia, they are credited with the introduction of customized closets in the Middle East. The company has established itself into becoming a leader in manufacturing storage facilities in Middle East and N. Africa. Their presence is felt in six countries where they have 11 showrooms.

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As Creative Closets, Okayed us to develop a website highlighting their products, we were excited to develop top-notch website for them because we believed in their vision of changing the game in the storage arena. Even though the products were already sellable in the market, we focused on making the products consumer friendly, descriptive and reachable.

Sketching The User-Experience.

We framed the website in such a way that all content therein was of great importance. How the content appeared, the format and style was essential in equipping the consumers with the right information about the products. The call to action buttons are strategically placed to enable consumers to engage and act anytime.

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How We Built The Website.

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The whole process of creating the website was to entice the consumer to take an informed initiative. The brand colors were artistically incorporated hence preparing/placing the website in the right footing.

Other Partnerships

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We once again collaborated with the Parent Company to create several websites for alternative brands. The branding of the websites is standardized for purposes of continuity.