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A Well-Thought-Out Digital Transformation

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With Kudu having over 327 outlets throughout Saudi region, it is no doubt that they have invested and innovated heavily. They are regarded highly in this region for their specialty on take away eateries. Things changed even further, when the firm collaborated with us to take care of their online platform and mobile application “From grass to grace” is the precise term here, by incorporating the state of art digital transformation, we conquered all odds and to enable the consumers to transact freely online.

The application was a customer friendly resource, enhancing digital online service and offering the consumer uninterrupted flow of service as opposed to other platforms. We aimed at attracting more audience as well as, enticing that onboard to always comeback for more.

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Execution Done Right

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To roll out an exceptional online platform, we soul searched on a more elaborate online presence devoid of the normal stuff. After which we conducted experiments to release the Mega project.

To realize this, we made the consumers’ needs of utmost concern, as well as, enhancing the firm’s product follow-up capability. We will mainly focus on consumer fulfillment, and an increased service delivery, leading to increased audience flow thereby propelling more consumer orders.

Delicious Experience

To make the process of online orders a success through a digital avenue, Beyond Creation incorporated the following features among others:

  • Creating a responsive bi-lingual design for the website.
  • Content Management System development.
  • Users have the ability to sign-up with their social media accounts.
  • Users can start their online shopping experience on guest mode.
  • Personalization of user experience; customers have the ability to access orders history, favorite orders and review previous transactions from user profile.
  • Order customizations, users can save orders, complete purchasing process across multiple devices.
  • Users can choose to personally pick up their orders from the nearest Kudu restaurant that will be selected before users do checkout.
  • Orders details will be submitted to stores including all order information, client details, delivery location and client additional enquiries.
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  • Order statuses will be assigned to order states; a pre-defined list of order states represents the order processing work flow.
  • Store locator is equipped with user location detector to display pins for nearest stores to the users on the map based on user location.
  • Users can get discounts and claim offers via promotion codes.
  • Notification center on mobile applications where Kudu can push notifications about new offers, order status, updates and other marketing communications.
  • Customer Segmentation: System users can segment customers into groups and optimize marketing initiatives by identifying specific customer groups using specific characteristics.
  • Automated E-mail Marketing Campaigns.
  • System users will have the ability to set rules through a condition based tool, allowing the digital team to easily manage specific product suggestions and banners to any customer segment to encourage additional purchases.
  • System users can export detailed reports for users to analyze user groups behavior and view website statistical data reports.

Our Artistic Side

To come up with a “must-look website,” we invested heavily towards consumer enticement. From the display to the photography, we made sure it was all an “eye-catching affair.” We engaged all our brains to come up with a perfect customer friendly and result oriented platform.

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