Mohamed Yousef Naghi Motors

Meet the client

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Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors is the official importer and distributor of BMW Automobiles in Saudi Arabia, with innovative marketing and investment in comprehensive after-sales operations, MYNM was able to maintain BMW throughout the kingdom as the leading luxury vehicle brand in the market. And with a subsequent addition of Rolls-Royce & Mini cooper, the reputation of excellence for MYNM is clearly justified.

The future is digital

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Mohamed Yousef Naghi Motors is a prestigious distributor of luxurious vehicles that always look out for the new innovative tools that can ease the purchasing process for the customer, therefore, they needed our help to digitalize their invoicing & payment platform for a smoother cycle of payments.

The digital platform is a simple process for which one of MYNM’ employees issues an invoice & send it to a customer with all the details and the customer can either accept the invoice and provide the needed information to pay it or reject it and state the reason for rejection. Digitalizing the payment platform is a big step for MYNM which helped them in:

  • Cutting down on errors
  • Making customers & vendors happier
  • Saving money throughout the payment life cycle
  • Gaining better insights into cash flow and cash management