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EL.AQAH is the Saudi Arabia’s home of expertise in corporate communication, public relations and media content development since 2013, They provide consulting and information services to more than 12 sectors, ranging from: Government, private, education, health, leisure, economy and tourism. EL.AQAH expanded their presence in the Gulf & Arab countries, with offices located in Jeddah, Riyadh, Sharjah, Dubai, and Cairo.

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Elaqah website development

EL.AQAH’s website audience were both local & international, so they wanted to rebuild their website to make it intrinsically user-friendly, it needed to be intuitive that a user can understand in any language either English or Arabic. With that in mind, we were tasked to redesign the website, making it user-centric, so UX and UI took a front seat when we built the website where we:

  • Built homepage navigation and layout structure.
  • Implemented a coherent color scheme and typography.
  • Adjusted the content on the website to be more engaging
  • Improved speed and ease of use via a single page application.
  • Adapted the site to be task-orientated on mobile and different devices.