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What is EgySwiss?

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EgySwiss Holding Company was formed as a conglomerate - bringing together four companies who are renowned in their own fields - EgySwiss Food Company, Egyptian Company for Food Industries and Cooling, Egyptian Company for Investment and Slaughter Houses, and EgySwiss Trading Company summing up years of experience in the local, regional as well as international market.

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Web Design and Development of Multifunctional Digital Platforms.

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EgySwiss tasked Beyond Creation with the design and development of digital platforms that can serve a variety of purposes including communication-related tasks as well as digital platforms that target businesses and consumers. As always, we stepped onto the plate and delivered a home run to the complete satisfaction of our business partner.

The Low-Down of the Web Design and Development Process.

Alongside developing the digital platforms, Beyond Creation also developed two B2B websites for EgySwiss highlighting their clients and the products they offer. The objective of this B2B platform was to grab more eyeballs and help capture new client base. As always, employing the best web design techniques, we crafted an informative website that effectively highlighted the company's heritage and the value their products bring to the table.

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The Brass Tacks.

Egyswiss and Alliance Foods-Products Web Design, Website Development
  • Designed a user interface and user experience that would ensure the success of the online platforms.
  • Developed 5 websites for EgySwiss Holding, Alliance Foods and their products (Swiss Choice, Chicken Dana, and Sea Star)
  • Develop a content management system for the client to handle the content management internally.
  • Created online features such as the online store locator.