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Taming the CMS Beast Using Our Content Management Prowess

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Opel Egypt chose Beyond Creation as their local rollout partner and we stepped up to the task from day one. The first task involved updating the content of Opel Egypt’s website which had become outdated. Employing our knowledge of the CQ5 Content Management System (CMS), we updated all of the local content and then went ahead with the launch of Opel’s new BrandShaper template.

Partnership Still Going Strong

Beyond Creative is still at work with Opel Egypt - we regularly support Opel Egypt in their effort
to keep their website’s content updated with fresh and engaging content 365 days a year.

Localization is the key to the core

Opel is a 100+ years old company that’s present in more than 50 countries around the globe, and in order to be present in so many diversified countries, a localized tailored experience for each is a must, that’s why we suggested them to localize their website with the Arabic content to be more segmented for the middle east culture, as a recent study* showed that more than 75% of the customers would easily choose a product that is marketed and developed in their own language over a generic alternative of similar quality.

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"Thanks a lot Beyond Creation!!! Seems Egypt is back on track! Very well. Keep on going!"

Jutta Linkenbach,
Manager Marketing Communications
Opel International Operations