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Mansour Automotive company was established in 1975 by the Late Mr. Loutfy Mansour and has been in the automotive distribution business for the last 4 decades contributing immensely to the development of the Automotive industry in Egypt and other countries it operates in. In the same year as its establishment, Al Mansour was appointed as an official dealer for General Motors’ products in Egypt. After only five years of operations, in 1980, the company achieved market leadership in the automotive industry in Egypt.

Reflecting the Brand through A Digital Platform

BC was already working with Opel – one of the automotive businesses distributed by Mansour Automotive and we were able to prove ourselves and secure a new project.

As we approached the design and features of the website, we started looking at Mansour Automotive's heritage and establishment. The website would only showcase Mansour Automotive as a brand, it had few content, however the website was essential for the business to reflect their values and standards to the market. We established a simple design language that centered the brand and its' automotive distribution businesses. The website was built to help the user capture and understand the business.

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