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Saudi Social Development Bank is a Saudi governmental bank, founded in 1931, the bank focused on social loans when it first started, then expanded its' activities which included professional loans to be combined with social loans.

The bank's mission is to be a pioneer in empowering social development tools and enhancing the financial independence of individuals and families, towards a vibrant and productive society.

Calculating Your Way To Financial Independence.

Social Development Bank Web App Development Screenshot

BC was tasked with developing SDB saving campaign web special, our focus on building a powerful and informative tool that would help any individual to gather information about saving benefits and tips that would help them control their spending behavior. Additionally, calculate their ideal amount of expenses, to spend from their income through an online calculator.

Development Of The Calculator.

The calculator is developed in a way to calculate complex equations and the ideal weights for the primary and secondary expenses, savings from their income, the analysis of users spending behavior is shown to users after entering their monthly income and expenses breakdown. A list of recommendations is displayed to help the individual reach his ideal expenditure rate.

In the end, the calculator was designed and developed in a way to help individuals make well-informed decisions regarding the next steps in their financial-saving process.

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