Kudu Saudi Arabia

Kudu Saudi Arabia

Business Transformation in Progress.

Web design, development and mobile app development

For more than 28 years, Kudu created an entirely new eating experience for people in Saudi Arabia, with over 327 restaurants open across the country, founders proudly say that they've created a winning concept that has endured and morphed into the phenomenon that is known today as Kudu.

Kudu has awarded Beyond Creation to be their digital business partner to work on the transformation of Kudu’s online ordering experience through an e-commerce solution that includes the development of a totally new website and mobile application.

Our fundamental objective is to adopt some new and innovative ways to simplify the lives of customers while boosting Kudu’s own ability to track customer in ways that enhance brand analytics. Technology will be used to expedite processes and improve the customer experience with an eye toward efficiency, which will ultimately lead to a seamless user experience that would impact the frequency of visits per user and subsequently increase the number of orders per client.

The new digital platform will enable customers to use their loyalty program accounts, reap the benefits, earn points digitally and even enroll to the program. Our aim is to opt a loyalty program that would keep the conversions simple and intuitive while rewarding initial loyalty and encourage more purchases to provide value to the customer in ways that create a unique opportunity to connect with the audience.

Beyond Creation will deploy cutting edge technology as geo-fencing to send relevant, targeted, personalized and customized messages based on customers’ locations to improve sales, in addition to orders tracking that has become an e-commerce best practice that provides a better online experience to customers by setting customers’ expectations.