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Setting Lofty Website Development Standards from the Get Go

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BMW Group Middle East and Beyond Creation first partnered together seven years ago for a website development project, which involved building the first Arabic website in the premium automotive segment with the strongest Arabic content on the web to top all competitors, raise the bar and set new benchmark on the communication level in the region.

The main objective was to overcome all technical challenges to deliver a mirror copy of the well-established BMW English website while maintaining BMW’s style of the written word in 100s of web pages in the copywriting of more than 300,000 words.

In early 2010, we proudly launched BMW ME Arabic websites across the Middle East in 13 markets along with the regional website.

Re-Defining Customers’ Experience in the Middle East Region

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BMW Group partnered with Beyond Creation to roll-out all-new BMW’s digital English and Arabic websites across the Middle East in 12 markets, which was a major milestone in our constant and consistent pursuit of further strengthening the digital customer experience offered by BMW Group in the Middle East to deliver the best digital experience at a major digital touchpoint within BMW customers journey.

  • Develop regional and markets sites’ structure and content concept
  • Integrate central and local content in AEM6 including error-handling and quality assurance
  • Build local content using components and templates available in within AEM6
  • Adjust the design of locally hosted content to match the new CI including guidelines for responsiveness
  • Arabic content copywriting
  • Arabic content implementation
  • Local forms development
  • Alignment with other different regions’ markets for potential synergies in process
  • Assist in setting up web analytics to start monthly online KPI reporting after roll-out
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"The stage 2 rollout project with Beyond Creation was a great success as we launched on time all planned markets. The partnership with BC was based on a transparent and very collaborative manner of work. High quality provided even with changing timelines. Good job, well done!"

Steffen Vogel
Head of Marketing Communications
BMW Group

Used Cars Online Stock Locator

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BMW Premium Selection became a significant part of the business in the Middle East region where 9 out of 12 markets in the Middle East are participating in the program and offer BPS including all benefits to their customers with no online option for potential customers to inform themselves about the available stock online before visiting the local showroom.

Buying decisions these days are highly influenced by online research. Researches in the Middle East over the past years cited that manufacturer websites are one of the most valuable online touchpoints potential buyers use in the buying process along with search engines, online video content and social media.

The BPS online stock locator has been designed and developed with

  • User-friendly interface design
  • User-friendly interface design
  • User-friendly interface design
  • The stock locator offers many options for searching stock options and saving the chosen models
  • Enable the visitors to customize their search in regards to their wishes and requirements
  • Getting in contact with the dealer easily to book their future drive
  • User-friendly content management system

The Impact of Our Website Development and Online Campaigns

During the past 7 years, Beyond Creation has delivered over 1300 Online Products Showroom, 300 Conversion Optimized Landing Pages and 600 Online Campaigns for BMW Group Middle East region with the soul focus of improving the user experience by tailoring every aspect of the project as per the region's target audience.

We even went a step further ahead and developed local forms in the regional languages, and our collective efforts yielded a 162% increase in the number of interested prospects.


Online Product Showroom


Online Specials


Landing Pages

1 Million

Words In Arabic

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Data Capture
Events Application

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Our team was tasked to develop an iPad application for BMW Middle East importers in order to capture personal and CRM information at BMW Group brands events and sponsorings.

  • The app works without WIFI connection
  • Data is automatically filled, if event attendees’ data matches invitees’ data list on database
  • It is feasible for both, driving and non-driving events
  • Driving license photo scanner and digital signature were developed due to being required for driving events
  • App includes event feedback questionnaire
  • Market specific log-in to ensure data confidentiality
  • Events respective data sets could be imported and exported on back-end
  • Customized reports dashboard for importers’ management