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Creating Brand Awareness Through Digital Marketing.

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Timberland approached us to create and strategize an online campaign for their brand so that they could get more traffic to their stores during a challenging time.

Our main focus was to leverage different digital platforms to craft a cost effective online campaign for their brand and help them drastically shoot up their sales.

We designed, developed and executed a complete digital solution for their brand, from campaign concept to media planning and buying, which instantly helped them in getting a significant rise in the footfall in stores and revenue generation.

Owing to our creative and effective work, Timberland UK awarded Beyond Creation as the best online campaign award among all global distributors.

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"We have the pleasure to announce that our Earth Keeper campaign won the best online campaign all over the global distributers. We truly appreciate your efforts and creativity to make it happen. Our business relationship is really appreciated."

Ahmed Hafez
Timberland Brand Manager
Ra Sport SAE

If You’re Not Fast
You’re Food.

Timberland Web App Development Screenshot

Before the launch of their new TMA product, Timberland asked us to create a marketing strategy for creating a buzz among the people about their new product. Our main objective was to find a way to convey to the masses, that besides the well-known products in Timberland, they can also find the best outdoor collection with unbelievable outdoor performance.

So we came up with an innovative approach and developed an online game targeting the youth to promote their product in an engaging and fun approach, which helped us deliver exactly the kind of results that Timberland were hoping for.

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