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Nestlé Alassasy Social Media

Our hugely successful partnership with Nestlé Egypt began when we were tasked with crafting and managing a consumer-centric social media management plan for Nestlé Alassasy. The main focus of the plan was to provide the consumers with a platform where they can be educated and engaged with so that they understand how the Nestlé benefits them.

New-Age Branding and
Research-Backed Strategy.

The success of this project depended upon how well the target consumer connects with the brand and its message. Hence, we opted for a fresh approach in the branding to improve the brand recall value among the target consumers and also elevate the brand equity. A consistent branding theme was crafted for social networks like Facebook that made use of relatable imagery including children, cutlery among others to engage with the consumers.

One thing that is always common with our social media management and digital marketing strategy is the extensive research that we do in the planning phase to maximize the impact. We created a content creation and marketing calendar for this project that allowed us to drive highest engagement rates during Ramadan and Summer seasons thus enabling our partner to reach a wide pool of target consumers while pushing the same media budget.

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