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Nestlé Egypt mandated Beyond Creation to create a wellness platform for CWCN Program. The purpose was creating a wellness avenue fronting Nestlé influential and trusted Food and Beverage firm in healthcare in N.E. African region.

Many people are unaware of change, we wanted to pass a strong message that it is nice for all of us to appear good and experience the goodness that comes with being healthy. This was to be achieved through choosing a better eating, cooking and exercising. The wellness hub is intended to change consumers’ way of thinking in matters relating to their health and lifestyle.

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Implementing A One-Of-A-Kind Digital Experience.

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We approached the project with excitement and big plans ahead, In the end our motto was to not go big, but to go BIGGER! Our team began discussing all aspects of the platform.

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How We Implemented The State-Of-The-Art Digital Platform?

We were determined to have a bigger vision in the end as opposed to the motto we had in the beginning. Everybody was involved as we started working on the platform. Researchers, think tanks and web developers came into action thus developing one of the largest wellness platform in Northeast Africa region.
The group came up with the features below:

  • Tag searching feature, for searching any type of content.
  • A feature for rating articles.
  • A feature for article/content commenting.
  • An app for bookmarking, saving, printing and sharing content through email.
  • A quick auto search for related content or articles on similar topics.
  • Pages for our wellness publishers, bloggers and influencers.
  • A feature to assess recipes preparation and cooking time, nutrient levels/percentages and how to serve.
  • A monthly newsletter feature.
  • E-commerce coordination feature.
  • A feature displaying Nestle products content and product description/relevant information.

We have adopted a 360º digital strategy that involves publishers and bloggers to create the wellness hub we are planning to build.
Our team is still working hand-in-hand with the Nestlé team for developing 2018 website content and improving the users experience every step of the way.

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New-Age Content Development.

To come up with an engaging and consumer friendly content, we did an in-depth research and brought on board every aspect that captured the market concerns. We came up with enticing content and recipes in order to capture the attention of the populace by offering the much-needed solutions. We wanted to offer unique, informative and a more relevant content.

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Strategizing and Crafting for A Living.

To keep the audience engaged, our web developers in collaboration with Nestle team are focusing on making the 2018 content revolve around the consumers online search behaviour and bridge the content gap between the consumers content needs and what is already available in the market.