Nestlé Wellness

Nestlé Wellness

Only the Best Digital Strategy for the Best Wellness Program.

Social media management

Nestlé Egypt has recently chosen Beyond Creation as their digital strategy partner for their ground-breaking “Choose Wellness Choose Nestlé” program. The primary objective of the program is to educate and empower Egyptian individuals and families so that they can make informed nutritional decisions and choices. With this program, Nestlé will come out as a trustworthy partner and a credible consumer guide that allows consumers to adapt an active lifestyle and enhance the quality of their life through simple solutions.

A 360º Digital Strategy Focused On User Experience & Education.


The core of this wellness program will be a “Wellness Hub” - a stellar website that Beyond Creation will be developing which will focus providing the right information and guidance in an environment that instills motivation, encouragement and dialogue amongst the target consumers.

The target consumers will be able to access recipes, articles, videos and other informative content that will enable them to lead a healthy life on the website that will be designed keeping in mind the user experience and the ease of use.

Our 360º digital strategy developed in cooperation with Nestlé’s team will include a crackling social media plan and content marketing to provide Nestlé with an all-encompassing solution that will make content circulation among Nestlé’s digital assets a breeze.