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M. Sentiment is an Emirati Perfumery Brand, established in 2017 in one of the most flourishing cities in the world, Dubai. Founded by Mariam Alshimmari, a young entrepreneur with a dream. M.Sentiment was inspired by her passion in exploring fragrances, fascinated with their unique ability to link memory to emotions. She believes that fragrances are reflection of people, places, and memories that she holds close to her heart.

M. Sentiment strive to curate unique fragrances that capture hearts globally by creating products that satisfy all scent preferences. By providing a unique perfume experience, and focusing on the details, M. Sentiment aims to be amongst the top leading perfume brands worldwide.

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About the project

M. Sentiment had an urgent need to build an online shop quickly and with low budget. Beyond Creation team recommended Shopify as a ready-made solution that works perfectly well with small retailers, not retailers having high revenues as Shopify poses some critical drawbacks including but not limited to inability to have a properly branded storefront, lack of in-depth native reporting functionality, and not having total control over setting up your checkout funnel.

Beyond Creation worked on the setup of M. Sentiment Shopify store including the adaptation of Shopify theme to create the best user experience.

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