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What is WhiteOwl Tronics?

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WhiteOwl Tronics is one of the regional market leaders in surveillance and security solutions design and manufacturing.

WhiteOwl Tronics partnered with Beyond Creation to establish the company’s online presence through building three websites that address the brands different solutions/products offering.

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Crafting A Product-Focused UI/UX Design.

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For any product-based website, it is important that the website is designed from a potential buyer’s perspective which is where our UI/UX design expertise comes into play. Our web design and web development experts set out to craft an informative website that enables prospects to explore the product’s technical capabilities and highlights its USPs in order to reduce the long sales calls and enhance conversion.

Web Design That Speaks for Itself.

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WhiteOwl Tronics launched a range of three speakers that they wanted to proudly display on a website. To that end, our UI/UX designers designed a special interactive product-centric website with the aim of introducing them to wholesalers and retailers.

Web Design & Development for A Smart Product.

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Our third task was to build a complete web solution for the smart home security product range. We focused on their buy-plug-control model through giving the consumers all the information they need about the product and its installation.